Visiting Shanghai and the areas around within a week means that we will just scratch the surface. For a more detailed map of all there is to do, as well as including all the vegan restaurants, go here

This itinerary gives you a flavour of the many styles and activities in Shanghai.

  • Palaces and landscaped gardens
  • The modern financial district
  • Traditional districts and a river cruise
  • Museums from the Universal Exposition
  • Ancient water town



Cheng Huang Miao (城隍庙)

Yu Yuan (豫园)

Cheng Huang Miao or Shanghai’s City God Temple is probably the most famous temple of Shanghai. It’s surrounded by severals blocks of traditional buildings and next to it, you can find the also famous Yu Garden

The Financial District: Lu Jia Zui (陆家嘴)

The Financial District of Shanghai, Lu Jia Zui, never stops growing new buildings higher and higher. From the Shanghai Tower (632m), you can observe the Shanghai World Financial Center (492m) also called the “bottle opener” and the once the tallest Jin Mao Tower (383m). The oriental pearl TV tower (468m) is still the iconic figure of Shanghai.


田子坊 (Tian Zi Fang)

新天地 (Xin Tian Di)

中共一大会址 (Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party)

At Tian Zi Fang, loose yourself in the small alleys of typical Shanghai and enjoy the traditional and not that traditional street food. There are a lot of artist shops for baby’s clothes, combs, scissor shops, etc. You never know it’s a gallery or a restaurant.

Xin Tian Di is an area with rebuilt old alley style Shanghai with cool bars and restaurants. It know as an expats’ favorite. You find also in this area the site of the first national congress of the communist party. That’s the beginning of a new China’s.


Universal exposition park (世博园)

China Art Museum (中华艺术宫)

After the 2010 Shanghai universal exposition, the city kept several buildings and turned them into a park. The most famous one is the China Art Museum, the China Pavillon during the EXPO 2010.

Nan Jing Road (南京路)

Started from People Square and ended at the Bund, This is the most touristique boulevard of Shanghai. You never know where to look between huge shopping centers on the side and all the traditional food companies offering hundreds of thousands kinds of snacks and street food.


Jade Buddha Temple: Yu Fo Si (玉佛寺)

Jing'an Temple: Jing An Si (静安寺)

Besides the Old City God temple, there are several other very famous temples in Shanghai. In the very center of the city, surrounded by huge shopping centers, Jing An Si is always a popular temple for its history. On the other hand, Yu Fo Si is famous for it’s jade buddha. After the visit, you can enjoy a simple meal of the temple.

The Bund (外滩)

Another iconic place of Shanghai, The Bund, where you can have, behind you, the exotic building clusters which show the old Shanghai when it was occupied by several foreign countries; and in front of you, on the other side of Huang Pu River, the Financial District of Shanghai with the world's second tallest building.

Huangpu River Cruise (黄浦江游船)

The best way to enjoy the scenery along Huangpu River, it’s nothing better than a cruise. Especially at night, you will understand the meaning of the never - sleep Shanghai.


Zhu Jia Jiao (朱家角)

Zhujiajiao is the best preserved ancient water town on the outskirts of Shanghai, and was established around 1,700 years ago. Archaeological findings dating back 5,000 years have also been found. There is plenty of local food that you can enjoy in a wooden structured restaurant next to the river or wondering through the small alleys and bridges.


Disneyland Option (迪士尼)

Opened in 2016, the biggest Disneyland is here in Shanghai with a Chinese twist and new technologies to make miracles. You get vegan options in several restaurants inside with carrots cut in the shape of Mickey. Or you can choose to visit one of the districts surrounding Shanghai.