Shandong, an eastern Chinese province on the Yellow Sea, is known for its Taoist and Confucian heritage. The friendliest place for vegans is Qingdoa where you can visit Laoshan mountain, one of China's major scenic resorts. Taishan Mountain isi one of China’s most sacred peaks, where China's first emperor was proclaimed in 219 B.C. Confucius Temple is in the center of Qufu City.

From Shanghai there are many high speed trains to take you to Weifang, covering the 1,130km in around 6 hours, at a cost of around 65€

Laoshan Mountain

Laoshan mountain is one of China's major scenic resorts and has long held the reputation as China’s most famous mountain facing the sea. The mountain is known for its oddly shaped rocks, ancient trees, and crystal-clear springs.

Taishan Mountain

Mount Tai is a mountain of historical and cultural significance located north of the city of Tai'an,. The tallest peak is the Jade Emperor Peak, which is 1,532 metres tall.


Confucius Temple is in the center of Qufu City It is a group of temples built to commemorate the great educator of ancient China — Confucius, who affected the mainstream culture and mores of China for millennia. It was built in 478 B.C. in Confucius's hometown, on a palatial scale. It is one of the three greatest groups of buildings in China.


The Weishan Lake National Wetland Park forms part of the eastern route of China’s South-North Water Diversion Project, a multi-decade infrastructure project that provides a reliable water supply to China’s arid north.


Zhoucun Ancient City is a living museum of one of China's ancient commercial cities in the middle feudal period of China. It's traditional buildings have recently been refurbished.


The highlight of Jinan City, the capital of Shandong Province. In summer time, lotuses bloom on the water.

Penglai Pavilion

The Penglai Pavilion is situated on top of Danya Mountain in the northernmost part of the Shangdong Peninsula. It is one of the four famous ancient towers in China.


Weifang is known for it's arts and crafts production centers. Weifang is internationally known as the world capital of kites, and you can visit the kite museum.